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My name is Brent Earlewine and I have spent the last 30 years+ of my career dedicated 100% to Indirect Channel Sales. All along the way, I have been laser focused on delivering revenue growth through Indirect Routes to Market of all kinds.

The fastest way to scale a company is by leveraging the power of Indirect Routes to market. When you are ready to REALLY grow your business, implementing a channel sales strategy via indirect partners is the single most powerful decision you can make.

Implementing and Growing an Indirect Channel Sales Strategy has Inherent Risks and Hidden Pitfalls.

We Can Help You Identify Them, so You Can Focus on Growing Your Business Instead of Making Costly Mistakes.

Introducing The Quantum Channels

Channel Check 360° Assessment Tool

Whether you are just getting started selling through channel partners or you have a mature partner program, you need a "No S**t " Assessment on where you are currently at, and where you need to be going...

We have developed a robust assessment tool that is designed to take your answers to a few core questions and provide you with a comprehensive view of your gaps and needs in your indirect channel sales strategy.

An Assessment is Perfect if you are:

A Company who is just starting to think about an indirect strategy but are not sure where to start...

  • You have already launched a channel sales program, but you need to determine next steps to mature and grow it...

  • You have a legacy program that needs re-vamped to match current market needs...

  • You have a successful program, however you need an outside perspective and sanity check...

What are You Going to Get?

  • An Executive Summary - Gap Analysis

  • A Customized Scorecard based upon Your Answers

  • Specific Recommendations for Areas of Improvements

  • A Roadmap of Practical Next Steps

  • E-Book - "Top 10 Mistakes Channel Teams Make...and How to Fix Them"

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